Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Ok, this is getting bad - how many times can I go around this circle before I find a way out?! I gain weight, I lose weight, I gain  weight, I lose weight - round and round I go. I'm getting very dizzy! This has got to be the last time around the circle, because I'm so done with it already...

Setting new goals. Right now.

On black Friday I'm purchasing a new scale, my old one is dead and unreliable. (I've totally allowed it to lie to me....if I lean far enough forward on it - I weigh less...) So it's a digital scale for me. No more lies.

30 minutes of exercise a day. Starting now. This will be my daily goal. It's just got to happen, no way around it. I've slacked so much off since my 30 day challenge a couple months ago, it's not even funny... All progress made during that time is gone...

No more excuses. Plain and simple. How is it that I think that extra helping isn't going to do any damage? I mean, come on already!

Blog on a regular basis. It may not be daily, but it will be regular. I find that it's much easier for me to succeed when I know that people may actually read this. I think they call that accountability?

My 20-year class reunion is starting to loom large on the horizon. What can I accomplish in 8 months? I'm going to find out!