Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 6

I'll say it again - I'm so amazed that I've done this for 6 days in a row! And today was fun! I took my new bike out for a spin with Casey in the little bike trailer and whew! what a workout! It's nothing like riding alone or on my exercise bike. First of all, I was pulling an extra 50 pounds and second, I actually had to pedal up hills. Ouch to both. However, it felt amazing to get back, all hot and sweaty, and know that I've accomplished 6 consecutive days of exercise!

My hubby has been a great cheerleader. I think he was pretty skeptical when I first mentioned my 30 day plan to him - he has been married to me for 16 years, so I guess that would probably make him just a bit of an authority on my exercise habits... However, he's on the bandwagon now! In fact, he's the one who encouraged me to go on the bike ride today. He's also the one who bought me the bike - since I know nothing about them... It's got a nice wide seat, just what I need for the caboose I'm carrying around behind me - haha!! However, I still have an aching hind-end, but that's to be expected...

Tomorrow is Sunday. Typically a day of rest at our house, but that won't stop me from getting my 30 minutes in. I'm planning to do Pilates and stretching, both very valid forms of exercise and necessary in getting those muscles in shape and toned.

Counting down the days....until the next 30 day challenge! Only 24 days to go!

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Mike and Starla said...

Faith, I've been meaning to tell you that I joined you in this challenge last Monday. It's been a great motivator to get out and de-stress for those 30 minutes. I have a 2 mile route around Mechanicsburg that takes me about 35 minutes to "power" walk, and it's been more fun than I thought. It's the first thing I do every morning (while it's still a little cooler) and really helps to get me out of bed! Now to get Michael to join me on the weekends... :-)

Keep up the good work and I'll keep you posted from this end.