Sunday, July 25, 2010

My 30-Day Challenge

How do you motivate yourself when it seems all motivation has flown out the window? For me, I'm going to try a 30-day Challenge. I figure that if I can stick with something for 30 days, not only will it become a habit, but I should definitely see results and find that ever-elusive motivation once again! I've been trying to come up with a challenge that isn't too easy but that isn't so difficult that I want to give up. It needs to be attainable - with some effort. So, here it is:

For the next 30 days (including Sundays!), starting Monday, July 26, I will do 30 minutes of intentional exercise each day. I'm calling it my "30/30 Challenge"!

Now, it may not seem like much of a challenge. However, for me, it is! You see, I'm very good at starting things and not so good at keeping at them until they're done. That is about to change. I need to do this, for my health and my sanity. I drive myself nuts thinking about how much progress I could have made by now if only I would've kept at it - and I'm done with that!! With God's help, I will succeed in this challenge and hopefully follow it with another one!

I would love to have you join me! Just knowing that I'm not doing this alone would be a huge motivator! (There's that word again!) Tomorrow I will post my starting weight and my exercise, and I pray there will be a difference by the end of 30 days! I know - I'll also measure my waist, hips & thighs (ugh) - seeing those numbers go down would be a HUGE motivator for me!!

I'm looking at this challenge as my best effort so far in the journey towards losing my double chin! Please join me, or at least send your encouraging thoughts my way! Because I know I'll need it! Woohoo!

Oh, I nearly forgot - I've got my 20-year class reunion coming up in 1 year, and I am determined to that there will be less of me attending that reunion than there is now!!

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